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Three Inches High

9oz Soy Wax Candle - Virgo

9oz Soy Wax Candle - Virgo

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A Library in the Woods.
Close your eyes and imagine a library in the woods; a waft of smoke mingled with fresh pine, meets old pages locked away from prying eyes. Our classic Virgo candle is like exploring a hidden library with a book held close to your heart. A harmony of woodsy scents with touches of hay and pimento creates a haven for our anxious Virgos. This soothing scent will envelop you in a calm, verdant scent that allows your mind to let go of the day.

This custom Virgo candle comes alive with the memory of moss-covered bookshelves. A luxurious, long-lasting scent and crackling wooden wick create an ambience of peace and tranquillity for anyone to enjoy.

Light up your world.


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a mix of three inches high handmade products lay on brown kraft paper.

Your New Go To

I adore Three Inches High products! They are my go to self-care and beauty essentials that make me feel wonderful in body & mind. The wood wick candles give me a cozy, fireplace vibe while smelling divine.

Customer Reviews

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Magdalena Partyka
Smells great and looks chic

Not only do the candles smell nice, they look great too. I love the wooden wick

Alysha R
Perfect for Gifting!

The candles melt my worries away...and the beautiful simple packaging makes for excellent gifting. Obsessed!