Three Inches High Grimoire Candle on a Deep Velvet Background

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A few of our all-time favourite items, from skin to beauty, to... 

Candle Care

Never used a wooden wick candle before? Had some challenges with wooden wicks in the past? Secretly don't believe these unique wicks can burn?

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an out of focus rose spray bottle lays behind a jar of white flowers

Enviromental Policies

We believe that you get what you pay for and we don’t cut corners on costs. We invest in quality ingredients to ensure that the products your bringing into your home are both safe and effective.

Our Ethos

Exclusive Offerings

We love bringing new ideas and projects to life and are always stoked to work with other creators, makers, and shakers. Take a look at some of our additional offerings below, we can create something just for you.

  • Weddings

    Let us create a custom scent for your big day! We'll ways to incorporate it into your decor, or make a favour your guests will be glad to take home.

  • Three small copper bowls with black, pink, and green powder

    White Label

    We do the hard work - you get all the credit with our luxurious white label offerings.

  • Four clear bottles lay on their sides with a mix of botanicals, salt, and oatmeal spilling out.


    Ever wondered if you have what it takes to become a chandler? Join one of our workshops to see what goes on behind the scenes.

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