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Three Inches High

Custom Ritual Milk Bath

Custom Ritual Milk Bath

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Let us make you a custom bath blend that reflects your own unique tastes and the position of the stars the day you joined this world. We'll send you a short questionnaire before hand mixing a blend of homegrown botanicals, essential oils, and other goodies to create a product designed just for you!


What We Need From You

By answering a short questionnaire about your favourite memories, flavours, and natal chart; you give us the tools to intentionally create a custom blend of plants, oils, and a little bit of stardust.

  • Your astrological sign! Send us what you know: sun, moon, rising, etc.
  • Ingredient preferences: Favourite Flavours, Fondest Memory, Top Three Scents
  • Emotional State: What's making you happy right now? What is challenging you? Are you looking for joy or peace?

What's Included 

  • Hand-picked blossoms, roots, and herbs to soothe your skin and muscles
  • Essential oil blends and compound oils to support your senses
  • A personalized ritual to ease and open your mind

Container Facts

Have a container you already love? Maybe a growing stash of mason jars threatening to take over? Whatever your cup of tea, bring us a jar and we'll fill it with your custom blend.

 Don't have a jar? No problem, we'll give you one of ours!


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a mix of three inches high handmade products lay on brown kraft paper.

Your New Go To

I adore Three Inches High products! They are my go to self-care and beauty essentials that make me feel wonderful in body & mind. The wood wick candles give me a cozy, fireplace vibe while smelling divine.