Make Your Own :: Rose Water

Make Your Own :: Rose Water

Some say that plants are magicians, who alchemize sunlight into food. And here at Three Inches High we love the act of making magic out of plants. So today we're sharing with you our not-so-secret recipe for making a gentle calming spray out of a common garden plants. 

Below you'll find a list of tools and what to do to make this simple plant magic for yourself and your loved ones.

Tools Required

  • Large sauce pan
  • Two med-small metal bowls
  • 1lb of organic rose petals
    • (if you can, use roses you've grown yourself to ensure no use of peticides)
  • A bag of ice

Steps To Take

  1. Take one metal bowl, turn it upside down and place it at the bottom of the large pot then place the other metal bowl on top. The two small ends of the metal bowls should be touching and the large ends are open - it should look like an hourglass.
  2. Fill the bottom of the pot with rose petals and just cover with water.
  3. Place the lid upside down on the sauce pot and fill the concave lid with ice.
  4. Turn heat on med-high and monitor the ice. you may need to replenish 2-3 times

The water will boil, with the condensation collecting along the top of the lid. It will then drip down into the open bowl, which will collect your handmade rose water. 

Gather the rose water and store in a dark bottle out of direct sunlight. Use as is, or mix 70/30 with organic witch hazel for an all natural room and face spray.


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